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Student Offer

Student Offer Basic Mindfulness Training

A selection from the Training

In the training we cover the following topics:

The main reason for stress and how to avoid creating too much over and over again.
The often subtle ways in which limiting beliefs emerge and sabotage ourselves.
How difficult feelings can be an opportunity to create more happiness, even if it doesn’t feel that way.
Why the signals from the body are so valuable, how you can respond to them and how you can handle
How you know what you need and how you can take care of it.
Why it’s perfectly normal to keep worrying, even though you know it doesn’t help, and how you can stop getting caught up in it.
How letting go of the need for control can bring more control.
How what you believe about yourself and your life determines how you experience yourself and your life.
How you can handle difficult feelings like fear, guilt, shame, anger, sorrow, emptiness in different ways.
What you can do to prevent things from escalating and how to interrupt your own stress response so you don’t keep adding fuel to the fire.
How you can handle yourself with more humor and kindness and better manage painful feelings.
How you can keep taking good care of yourself in times of stress and difficulties.

If you want more information or want to register for the Basic Mindfulness training for Students, please use the contact form.

More about Mindfulness

Mindfulness. Anyone can learn it, anyone can apply it. It is like learning to cycle. In the beginning, practice, commitment and perseverance are required. But if you keep doing it, it will gradually flow by itself more and more.

We all have the natural ability to observe what is happening. Consciously focusing attention is something everyone can. Instead, we often feel rushed and distracted. Making us forget what we are actually doing.

We often live on autopilot. And that’s a shame because the moment you can consciously focus on what is happening in the present moment, you are more creative, more flexible and more concentrated. You feel more satisfied and you have a greater sense of awareness.

Mindfulness teaches you to wake up to your autopilot and focus on what is happening right here right now. You will learn to notice when a stress pattern gets activated. You will learn what is going on, how you react to that and how you can do things differently.

It will provide a basis to fall back on for the rest of your life!

Are you interested? You can request more information or register for the Live Online Mindfulness trainings directly through the contact form